Dr. Carolyn S. Kutzer

Practice Owner, Veterinarian

Dr. Kutzer came to Freed Veterinary Hospital in 1993 after graduating from Ohio State University and has been the owner of Freed Veterinary Hospital since 2002. Dr. Kutzer has special interest in the areas of surgery, rehabilitation, pain management, and endocrinology. When Dr. Kutzer is not at the clinic, she enjoys spending time with her husband and daughter. She enjoys gardening, dog sports, crafting and repurposing, as well as reading. Dr. Kutzer is an apprentice level beekeeper through the Virginia State Beekeepers Association. She has quite a zoo at home. She has 3 dogs; Dixie, the sweetie, Stella, the instigator, and Murphy, the barker. There are also 3 cats; Patches, the grump, Winnie, the sweetie, and Skittles, the spaz. Add to that, 4 sugar gliders Tic, Tac, Toe and Checkers. And last but not least, a bearded dragon named Smaug and multiple fish. Dr. Kutzer enjoys training with Stella, and they are currently working on agility.