Fundraiser for Protective Vests for our K - 9 Officers

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Atlantic K - 9 Vest Fund         

Atlantic K-9 Vest Fund was established in February 2016 after K-9 Officer Krijger was killed in Norfolk, Va. Krijger was not wearing a protective vest, which could have saved his life. After Krijger's passing Randall, our Chairman, approached Officer Tom Hendrickson, a K-9 handler and master trainer for Hampton Police Department, to figure out how they could help protect Hampton's K-9 Officers. The number of injuries and deaths of Public Safety K-9's is on the rise. We decided we could not continue to let these brave K-9's go unprotected. Most custom-fit, protective bullet and stab-proof vests cost $1200 or more depending on the size of the K-9, a cost most departments do not have funds to cover. The more we talked, the clearer the answer became.  On February 11, 2016 we created Atlantic K-9 Vest Fund.

 The Atlantic K-9 Vest Fund is a non-profit, tax exempt, organization that is 100% volunteer run. We believe all Law Enforcement K – 9 Officers should have the same lifesaving protection as their human partners. These highly trained K – 9 Officers protect and serve us every day and we believe they should be protected in return.

 Please help us to protect these K -9 Officers that do so much to protect us. Visit us at our GoFundMe account on our Facebook page. Thank you for your support. 

Our mission is to raise funds to provide bullet and stab proof vests to Public Safety K-9's across the state of Virginia and the United States
HPD K - 9 Saber